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Tata Housing, with its world-class project, is one of the leading real estate development companies in the region. With 13 years of experience in real estate development, Tata Housing has delivered 19 projects in Mumbai, Goa, Delhi, Kolkata, and Thane, and currently has five on-going projects. Tata Housing has won 102 awards for its brilliant and significant contribution to real estate development. In addition to creating private rooms, they often communicate with network advantages. Under their Srijan, Swachh, and Sparsh establishments, they are heading in the direction of teaching, school and community sanitation, and network treatment. They are now offering a new project called Tata Housing Serein, with the same intention of providing luxury homes at affordable rates.

Tata Housing Serein, spread over 7.5 acres of land, is a multi-family apartment complex. The project configuration is 1 BHK apartment. The project consists of a selective natural ranch and an open-air deck. Settled around the rough stretches of Sanjay Gandhi and Yeoor Hills National Parks, there’s Tata Serein. This private company appreciates being near to shopping malls, schools, and emergency services in one of the most convenient parts of Thane. The project is located at No.2 Pokharan Road in Thane. At Serein, everything from the rudimentary structure to the smallest detail is cleverly taken into account to make an excellent living for the people without any constraints. Extraordinary connectivity and simple openness from all facets of Thane and Mumbai are made possible in the top-notch region of the project. Tata Serein has four high-rise towers in total.

Tata Serein’s main highlights include the surrounding schools, universities, emergency clinics, and transportation hubs. Famous schools, for instance, are 3.1 km from TMC School, 2.5 km from Happy Moppets Preschool, and 1.7 km from Podar School. It is 0.8 km to Vasant Vihar College, 3.2 km to Swayam Siddhi MBA College, and 1.6 km to Sanskriti Academy of Fine Arts for colleges nearby. Emergency clinics such as Madhavbaug Cardiac Rehab Focus have situated 1.6 km from the company’s premises, 1.5 km from the QI Spine Clinic, and 1.5 km from Niraamay Dental Treatment.

Tata Serein’s luxury amenities include a fitness center, swimming pools, an Amphitheater, children’s playground, badminton, tennis and squash courts, yoga field, lotus lake, pet park, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Innovative CCTV cameras closely monitor 24x7 safety and security premises.

In light of difficult budgetary assistance and in-order corporate governance, Tata Housing’s consistency lies in delivering new luxury projects at affordable rates. The company is renowned for its high performance, and in India, private and business distribution is widespread throughout major urban sites. Under the authority of the Tata Sons, they had the option of having experienced and knowledgeable management to increase the growth of the company to where it currently lies. Over time, because of the greatness of work and the idea of building a deep-rooted relationship with their customers, they have made a brand an asset and achieved new achievements.

Source- HomeCapital

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Look no further than Tata Serein by Tata Housing in Thane, whether it’s an investment or a move in with your family.