With the progress in technology, we humans have tried and are still trying to incorporate brand new technology into our lives. Almost every aspect of our lives have been changed with the implementation of new products dedicated to make human lives easier. Same goes for the real estate industry which is one of the biggest industries of the 21st century. Technological advancement has seeped into not only in the way the projects are designed but also the way people interact with these projects.

Now when we hear technology in India, some or the other way we think of one place and that is Bangalore - the IT capital of India. The residential project that we are going to talk about is Zenium by Puravankara Limited, a technology driven residential project. Starting from the location to fixtures and fittings everything here is very futuristic. Let’s move on and find what offerings has Zenium provided to the buyers.

Puravankara Zenium is a futuristic residential project located at Hosahalli, International Airport Road, Bangalore. This project comes with a configuration of 2 BHK and 3 BHK respectively. The location of this project is the most looked for in the terms of future expansion. The project is connected to the other parts of the city via the Hebbal Flyover and the Bellary Road with the establishment of various amenities such as schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping centers, hotels and the international airport. The connectivity options are covered with connections to major education, healthcare and entertainment hubs.

Purva Zenium is designed in association with international brands with decades worth of expertise and high reputation. It offers a new age of contemporary architecture to the buyers. What is the technology aspect of this project you ask? Well, almost everything is tuned to suit the needs of the buyer. With just a touch on your smartphone you can change the atmosphere of your home according to your mood. Zenium intelligent homes come equipped with a technology named BluNex that does all the heavy lifting for you. From lighting, temperature, security, entertainment to the music of your choices, you can control using your smartphone with the BluNex app. Think of BluNex as your virtual companion.

Technology in homes can do so much more than video door phones and apps. BluNex Technology by Puravankara Zenium has covered you in terms of the smartest homes that take care of your safety, health, intelligence and efficiency. The concept of a smart home begins with the construction phase itself and not as an afterthought or aftermarket solution as doing so will introduce a lot of inconsistencies. Zenium comes equipped with high speed fibre optic cables that allow smooth and seamless smart home experience. Your smart home is connected to wireless voice command solutions such as Google Home and one voice command is all you need to control your preferences in your home. But with that said, voice command wouldn’t be that much necessary as BluNex is smart enough to adjust according to your needs and automates most procedures. It will gradually come to know when to switch on the geyser and turn off the AC after you wake up in the morning. This makes your home very energy efficient as BluNex will automatically switch off the smaller appliances and avoid the overuse of electricity.

The International Airport Road is a high growth location with plenty of possible future expansions. Purva Zenium is spread across 150 acres of land comprising homes, retail, leisures and more. What’s more you can take advantage of an oxygen infused clubhouse that will surely enhance your health and well being while you work out and not to forget that you have advanced filtration systems to offer purified water right from your kitchen tap which is rare nowadays.

Puravankara Limited is one of the leading real estate companies in India headquartered in Bangalore. The journey of a thousand miles began with its establishment in 1975. Today the company has a presence in major metropolitan cities such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi, Coimbatore, Mangaluru, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune and Goa with ongoing international projects in Gulf Corporation Council countries and Sri Lanka. Puravankara offers homes in both premium luxury as well as affordable premium categories. Over the years, brand Puravankara has grown from strength to strength and has completed close to 41 million square feet (both Puravankara and Provident) out of which 65 are residential and 5 are commercial projects. The company embarked on its remarkable journey 45 years back in 1975 with a clear vision and mission to meet the aspiration of millions of home buyers by offering quality homes.