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The Lodha Upper Thane in Anjurdive is the Lodha Group’s most recent residential project. The project offers flats integrating comfortable living conditions with contemporary architecture. 3BHK apartments are being offered by Lodha Upper Thane. They are available readily. Lodha Upper Thane is located just 15 minutes away from Viviana Mall. This 150-acre woodland estate, designed to meet all needs, is based on an inclusive ‘all-to-all’ planning style.

Optimal space planning with minimal passage, separate bedroom wardrobe niches, granite platform kitchen, high-end stainless steel sink, and premium glazed tile flooring, large windows for optimal light and ventilation, fully air-conditioned 3-bed apartments, garden/tree-lined avenue views per home, marbital flooring living room, dining room, bedroom, and avenue views.

Homebuyers will enjoy the best of the daily lives of Upper Thane, enriched by the timeless charm of nature. Luxuries, including 50,000 + sq. Ft. Clubhouse Grand, are sensitively integrated into the resort landscape.

In a chess game, pick a pool or play with your wits. Kick back and enjoy the latest blockbuster at each of the glamorous banquets, preserve your health at the wellness center, or schedule the most frequently listed cocktail parties. Lodha Upper Thane is a forest property designed with a focus on an integrated city hall to meet all your requirements. A fantastic clubhouse, college, sports courts, stores, restaurants, and other amenities in the town can be found just a short walk from your home. With over 80 percent of green spaces and uniform levels of air quality, sufficient attention is paid to the residents’ well-being and good health. All Upper Thane apartments have a view of either the garden or the road that is lined with trees. Even a few chosen homes have a stunning view of the River Ulhas.

To ensure long-term survival in the Upper Thane market, UTMA needs to ensure global governance. This neighborhood will manage a similar professional setup that manages Lodha Palava. The Upper Thane Management Association (UTMA) requires regional governance and management to achieve long-term sustainability in the Upper Thane sector.

There are installations in The Nest, more than 50,000 sq . ft. Clubhouse, world-class gymnasium, four living rooms, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, Ganesh’s grand temple with plenty of quiet yoga and meditation areas, 100-seat cinema & auditorium, two banquet halls, and the children’s area outside. The indoor games are table tennis, racing, snooker, and chess. A cricket stadium, a soccer field, an athletic track, a basketball arena, and a badminton court are also available.

The Lodha Group has been active in real estate since 1980. The company’s 2017-18 net sales amounted to INR 7163 crore. Over the last two years, 19,670 homes have been successfully supplied by the Lodha Community (FY 17-18 and FY 18-19) (e.g. every 4 out of 5 homes were purchased by buyers before time). Their dream is to build landmarks that meet global expectations and represent the values of Lodha. All of their designs include uncompromising consistency and world-class architecture that meets the highest expectations.

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Come home now, to the warmth of Lodha Upper Thane!