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The Embassy Group is the leading real estate development company that began operations in 1993 under the leadership of Jitu Virwani, the group’s Chairman and Managing Director. The developers are providing a new project called Embassy Edge with Alexa Integration for the first time in the Indian real estate industry. This project aims to build a new mentality and take one step forward towards a new way of life. With over 3 Million Sq. Ft. of commercial, residential, retail, hospitality, and industrial warehouse spaces and holds a broad 1,000-acre land bank across the country, they are now adding some advanced technology to a comfortable lifestyle for homebuyers.

Embassy Edge was launched as a new residential property project at Embassy Springs, Bangalore, Devanahalli, Airport Road. Find the Party Buying Price. Embassy Edge Analysis Find. The luxury group of Embassy Edge supplies the finest of the Embassy Party’s comfortable living section. The device provides rooms that are lavish and relaxing. Wonderful settings all over Embassy Edge make it more distinctive & prestigious. For the city of Embassy Springs, Devanahalli, Airport Lane, and North Bangalore, the designer guarantees a luxury living environment with brilliant architecture and an equal lifestyle at Embassy Edge.

The property is situated in Devanahalli, Bangalore North. The project provides an apartment with a great blend of modern architectural facilities and features to provide comfortable living conditions. The location of Embassy Edge has excellent connectivity and is situated at the heart of Embassy Springs. The project includes roomy apartments and is highly comfortable. The stunning landscapes all around the Embassy Edge are what makes it more unique and elite. With outstanding and modern functionality and an equal lifestyle.

Urban infrastructure: 22 hectares of educational facilities, 3 schools, conference centers, shopping malls, and 35 hectares of convention centers. Free facilities: a private club, cafés, high- and retail areas, and many others to provide satisfying amenities for residents, thereby the rental income dramatically.

The Embassy Edge Location has excellent connectivity and is located in Embassy Springs, Devanahalli, Airport Lane, near current and upcoming communities and facilities. A professionally fitted clubhouse, parks, gymnasium, swimming pool, leisure room, sports athletic courts, youth park, party hall, and the new 24/7 securities are provided by Embassy Edge.

The project also comes with a program for a home down payment assistance. This program financially encourages home buyers to purchase their dream home early rather than late for the first time. For home buyers, HomeCapital has pioneered an interest-free Down Payment Assistance (DPA) program.

Come home to Embassy Edge’s new way of life!